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Con Energy

The Con Energy GRflex200 is a groundbreaking heat engine, embodying the latest in technological innovation and manufacturing techniques. This engine, at its core, efficiently converts heat into mechanical energy, which can then be harnessed to generate electricity. Designed from the ground up, the GRflex200 stands as the largest of its kind in the current market, setting a new standard in heat engine technology.

A defining feature of the GRflex200 is its ability to operate at relatively low temperatures(250-450°C), making it exceptionally suitable for harnessing previously untapped sources of waste heat. This capability opens up new avenues for energy recovery and efficiency, particularly in industrial settings where waste heat is abundant but often underutilized.

The GRflex200 is based on the principles of the Stirling cycle, but with significant advancements. Our novel gas routing solutions, a key innovation in this engine, involve the heating and cooling of gas under high pressure using highly efficient heat transfer units. This process, notably devoid of a phase change, allows for remarkable flexibility in operation, adapting seamlessly to a variety of customer needs with minimal adjustments to the design.

Moreover, the engine has been engineered to address common inefficiencies found in traditional designs. It features an advanced mechanism to adjust the phase between the Displacement Piston and Power Piston, potentially even allowing their complete separation. This unique configuration significantly reduces engine losses under varying loads and speeds, enhancing overall efficiency.

Our initial Proof of Concept (PoC) machines have demonstrated an impressive efficiency of 18.6% at only 164°C in a laboratory setting. These promising results validate our design and pave the way for the GRflex200's application in industrial pilot plants, where its performance and efficiency can be further optimized for real-world applications.

The Con Energy GRflex200 represents a significant step forward in heat engine technology, offering a sustainable, efficient solution for electricity generation from waste heat sources.