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Con Energy

RGflex200 from Con Energy is a hot air engine that can be used across various market segments worldwide. Con Energy's focus is on industry and combustion plants for better utilization of energy. In the industrial segment, we can more effectively utilize hot gasses and steam by providing flexible opportunities to convert gas and/or steam into electricity. With RGflex200, industrial customers worldwide will have a more flexible choice in how they utilize any excess steam and/or gasses as a residual product. With Con Energy on board, these residual products can provide increased value and enhance profitability for the industry, while also reducing CO2 emissions.

The waste incineration sector has become a global industry focused on converting waste into energy. In this market segment, Con Energy can utilize exhaust and surplus heat to produce electrical energy, which can be sold as a commercial product, similar to district heating. With increasing energy scarcity worldwide, incineration plants will gain flexibility by offering electricity, just as they do with district heating. RGflex200 boasts an efficient utilization of surplus heat, exceeding traditional hot air turbines by up to 30% in terms of exhaust and hot air utilization. This results in significantly improved energy efficiency when RGflex200 is integrated into the energy recovery process.

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