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Increased focus on energy efficiency

Con Energy with efficiency solutions

- in the coming decades is great news for Con Energy

As the world intensifies its efforts towards a green transition and smarter energy use, our role becomes increasingly vital. Climate change compels us to innovate and utilize energy more effectively. At Con Energy AS, our product, RGflex200, is at the forefront of this green wave, optimizing the use of existing energy resources.

Our heat engine, RGflex200, is designed to enhance energy efficiency in companies dealing with surplus energy in the form of steam, hot air, gases, and exhaust. Many companies currently lack efficient methods to repurpose energy from these sources. RGflex200 addresses this gap, offering a way to significantly conserve energy – potentially saving hundreds of terawatt-hours (TWh) globally. The energy transition is not just about shifting to renewable sources; it's equally about maximizing the efficiency of existing energy.

Con Energy's solutions enable the conversion of steam, hot air, gases, and exhaust into electricity, contributing to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Globally, thousands of incinerators process our waste, often generating district heating. While this is beneficial, RGflex200 takes it a step further by enabling these facilities to produce electrical energy alongside district heating. This is crucial as the demand for electricity escalates. Throughout the year, facilities equipped with RGflex200 can provide both district heating and the increasingly demanded electrical energy. This electricity can be distributed through existing grids, whereas district heating requires more extensive infrastructure.

Therefore, we are confident that RGflex200 offers a flexible and necessary solution for waste incineration plants worldwide.